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How to affiliate marketing on tiktok as an Danish influencer

With its explosive popularity and high engagement rates, TikTok has become a gold mine for affiliate marketing. This quick-paced platform offers unique opportunities for promoting products and earning affiliate commissions. Here’s how to get started:

1. Understand TikTok’s User Base

Before diving into affiliate marketing on TikTok, take some time to understand its user base. Most TikTok users are Gen Z and young millennials, so your content and product promotions should resonate with this audience.

2. Choose the Right Affiliate Program

Pick an affiliate program that offers products or services that align with your niche and your followers’ interests. Remember, relevance is key to high conversion rates.

A great place to find products to promote is: 

Affily Network

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3. Create Engaging Content

The heart of TikTok is entertaining, bite-sized videos. Create engaging content around the products you’re promoting, using popular trends, hashtags, and catchy music to gain visibility. The more creative and fun your videos are, the more likely they’ll get shared and go viral.

4. Seamlessly Integrate Your Affiliate Links

TikTok currently allows users to add a website link to their profile bio, making it an ideal place to add your affiliate link. You can also use URL shorteners to make your affiliate links more manageable. Remember to disclose that your link is an affiliate link to maintain transparency with your followers.

Get your own link page for your bio: 

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5. Utilize TikTok’s Advertising Features


If you have a budget for promotion, consider using TikTok’s advertising features. These can boost your visibility and reach, helping you to gain more followers and potential buyers.

5. Measure Your Success


Use analytics tools to track the performance of your affiliate links. Pay attention to which types of content drive the most clicks and conversions, and use these insights to refine your approach.

Affiliate marketing on TikTok requires creativity and a deep understanding of the platform’s trends and user behavior. However, with the right approach, it can be an extremely lucrative channel for affiliates. Happy TikToking!

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Sell other people’s digital products.