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How To Start a Clothing Brand in Denmark: 10 Easy Steps (2023)

Starting a clothing brand in Denmark involves understanding the unique fashion ethos of the country and blending it with your creative vision. Here are 12 easy steps to get you started:

1. Develop Your Fashion Design Skills

The first step is to hone your design skills. Danish fashion is known for its minimalist aesthetic and combining comfort with style.

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2. Create a Business Plan

Your business plan should detail your brand’s mission, target audience, pricing strategy, marketing plan, and financial projections. It is vital to remember that danes and scandinaivans are very focused on the environment. Therefore, it is key when starting a clothing brand in Denmark, that you keep this in mind. 

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3. Follow Danish Fashion Trends

To succeed in Denmark, it’s crucial to stay abreast of the latest Danish fashion trends.

Go out in the danish cities, pay attention to what people where and get inspired. Put your own touch to it. 

4. Build a Strong Brand

Your brand should reflect the unique style and values of Danish fashion, which includes sustainability and ethical production.

5. Design and Develop Your Brand

Develop a logo, tagline, and visual identity that aligns with your brand’s mission and the Danish fashion ethos.

While this might sound expensive, it can actually be created in very cost-friendly platforms like Canva. Canva gives you the opportunity to play around and be creative. 

Visit here: 


6. Source Sustainable Fabrics or Design Your Own

Given Denmark’s focus on sustainable practices, consider sourcing fabrics that are eco-friendly or design your own.

Ideally the clothes should aim to be produced in Denmark. Taking into consideration that this might be expensive, alternatively search for an european production such as Portugal. 

Popular danish brands like Shaping New Tommorrow, have gained great recognition for doing so.

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7. Plan Your Collections Around Fashion Seasons

Like in other parts of the world, fashion in Denmark is seasonal. Plan your collections accordingly. Make sure spotting potiential trends for the new season, and maybe even be bold enough to try set the tone for the next season. 

8. Build an Online Store

An online store will allow you to reach customers beyond Denmark. This can be creted with e-commerce website builders like Shopify.

You don’t need technical skills to use a tool like Shopify, they made it very easy for you to set up your online presence. 

9. Open a Retail Store, Launch a Pop-Up, or Sell at Markets

Depending on your budget and business plan, consider opening a retail store or selling at local markets.

This could be alternative ways to sell your clothes. It’s worth noting that the digitalization has made it possible to just be online, which is a more cost-effective solution. 

However, local markets are all over Copenhagen, and aligns great with the new danish shopping tendencies. 

10. Learn from Successful Danish Brands

Research successful Danish clothing brands to understand what makes them popular and how they have navigated the market.

This is key, in order to understand the market and what made them succesful. This also, opens the opportunity to identify where you want to optimize your brand, and seperate from the crowd. 

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