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A platform, which connects brand, who wants to grow their audience and creators who wants to earn money from their social media content. 

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Are you in search of experienced creators for you next UGC-Campaign? With Affily you have direct access to the best UGC creators.

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Discover the ad creatives that truly resonate with your audience, or elevate your campaign's effectiveness.

How it works

Brands & Creators Connect

Brands are offering content creators, of all sizes, to create UGC-Content on behalf of them. The content creators can apply for job.

The Content Production

The content creator, start producing the content, based on their agreement. Once the content is approved by the brand, it's ready to be published.

Brand gets reach - Creator gets paid.

Once the content is created, and ready to launch. The brand pay the creator, and the creator post their content.


A UGC creator is someone who specializes in crafting authentic content for brands. The key distinction in UGC (User-Generated-Content) lies not in the content itself, but in its creators. True UGC originates from everyday users or consumers, setting it apart from materials produced by professional content makers.


Explore, collaborate, and expand your reach with our comprehensive platform. We empower brands like yours to connect with thousands of verified influencers, making it easier than ever to construct a powerful influencer network and drive your marketing success.s.


Join our platform to seamlessly connect your brands with top user-generated content creators. Enhance your marketing strategy and amplify your reach by collaborating with our network of skilled influencers.

Find the right match for you.

If you’re looking for brands and creators to collaborate with, you’ll find them on Affily. We study what makes for a successful match, so finding each other is easy..

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